Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sleep, stings and souffles.

It has been so long since I have had a night of uninterrupted sleep that I almost forgot what it was like! We started doing a very mild form of sleep training a couple weeks ago, and for the last week now Seth has been sleeping THROUGH the night! Not only that, but he goes to sleep on his own for naps and bedtime. YAY! He typically goes down around 7-7:30 PM and wakes up about the same time in the AM. Next step..figuring out two long naps rather than 3 half hour ones.

I am officially not happy with bees or spiders these days. Thing is I don't know which one it is. Last week Tuesday I was taking Seth for a walk in the beautiful sunshine; we only got a few steps from the house when I felt a sharp stinging pain under my left arm. Something (I wish I knew what) bit or stung me! It was terribly painful for the rest of that day, and then insanely itchy off and on for the next week! Now, about a week and a half later it is finely starting to look normal. It had a purple-ish spot and was slightly raised for over a week and in the end that spot kind of became a scab. All this is beginning to make me think it was a spider bite, and not a bee sting.....

I love cooking, and watching cooking shows, especially the reality show kind. I have always seen recipes for souffles but never had/made one and didn't really know what they were all about, just that they looked cool. While watching Master Chef a couple weeks ago I learned a little more about souffles and they were starting to look really good. So when I finally found some good oven safe ramekins this week, I decided to search some souffle recipes. I managed to find one that worked with the ingredients in my house, and here is the result:
YUM! They were delicious, and actually pretty simple to make. I want to try tweaking the recipe a bit though and then maybe I'll pass it on;-)

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